1965 AZ Nova

This 1965 Nova is a 400 model hardtop/coupe, and came to us from a customer in Arizona. The customer was off to a great start on the Nova. They had already installed a Heidts Superide II front subframe, all the initial bodywork had been completed, the engine compartment, interior, and jambs had all been painted, the GM ZZ4 crate motor along with the 700R4 were installed.

The Nova originally came in for some engine work, and a Ridetech 4-Link installation. After the car was transported to the shop, the owner decided to have us do some other upgrades. The list of upgrades added to the engine work, and 4-Link now includes: FAST efi with the necessary upgrades to the fuel system; Wilwood front disc brake & master cylinder upgrade; reworking the brake lines; DSE Selecta-Speed Wiper conversion; Griffin Combo Radiator setup; Dakota Digital VHX gauges; Vintage Air A/C system; Dynamat the interior; modify the transmission tunnel for floor shifter; re-work some wiring issues; along with some misc. adjustments, and fitment. We will keep updating this build as it progresses.

The crate motor in the Nova had coolant leak issues within the first couple of hundred miles of the customer getting the car on the road. The coolant leaks were due to the mating surface on the cylinder heads. The customer pulled the cylinder heads and had them “fixed” at a local machine shop. After getting the Nova back on the road, it soon developed a smoking issue at idle, and on compression. The owner of the Nova had been purchasing parts from us, and contacted us to see if we would work on his car. After the Nova was transported from Arizona to Oregon, we started on the engine work. What we found was that the machine shop that did the work did not install the Teflon valve seals correctly. This resulted in the valve spring retainers hitting, and destroying the valve seals.

After the cylinder head work was completed, the top end was put back on the motor. The customer decided he wanted EFI on the Nova, & opted for a FAST EZ-efi unit. We decided to modify a basic billet aluminum fuel pump block off plate to make it just a little different.

The DSE Selecta-Speed wiper system, Wilwood 12.19” front disc brake kit, master cylinder, adjustable prop valve, and the Ridetech 4-Link were next up.

Then it was time for an aftermarket fuel tank, in-tank pump, fuel lines, and Dynamat.

Griffin Thermal Products combo unit going in the 65 Nova.

We’re moving onto the electrical phase of this project where we’ll be wiring up the FAST EZ-efi, SPAL fans, Dakota Digital VHX gauges, and the DSE Selecta-Speed wiper kits. Stay tuned for updates to this build.

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