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Classic Nova & Performance LLC has hard to come by NOS parts, good used parts, and a supply of aftermarket parts from the best manufacturers in the industry. Although we specialize in 1962-1967 Chevy II/Novas, our parts department has tons of performance and restoration parts from quality manufacturers for most makes and models. Whether you’re looking for a turn-key engine; disc brake kit; performance suspension upgrade; air suspension system; headers; steel cowl hood or other sheet metal; wiring harnesses; upholstery; A/C system; weather stripping; emblems/handles; replacement glass; or aftermarket stereo, Classic Nova & Performance has what you need. Our goal is to be your one stop performance & restoration destination. Our new website is “Under Construction”, and we will be adding products from our manufacturers on the fly. If you don’t see your part from one of the manufacturers we are a dealer for, just contact us. We can get anything and everything from any of our manufacturers whether or not it is on our website.


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How to Measure Pinion Angle

Engine angles, and pinion angles are a critical component when upgrading your suspension/drivetrain. Classic Nova & Performance receives calls regarding either engine angle, or pinion angle on a regular basis. If you don’t set up your drivetrain up with the correct angles the chances of having some type of harmonic aka: vibration at speed is […]

How to Center a Rack & Pinion

Centering your rack & pinion is a critical step when installing rack & pinion steering in any vehicle. Failing to center the rack & pinion can cause a difference in turn angles from side to side, and issues with your turn signals cancelling properly. Here is a quick and easy way to determine “center” on any rack and pinion assy.

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