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Classic NovaClassic Nova and Performance LLC is here to make your automotive dreams a reality. If you are looking for quality parts manufactured by the leaders of today’s aftermarket industry you’ve come to the right place. We can help you restore or upgrade your classic car/truck, muscle car, late model performance vehicle, or all-out race car. Or, if you need someone to take your project from concept to completion, you’ve still come to the right place. Classic Nova & Performance has partnered with the leaders in the automotive aftermarket world. This gives us access to the best performance and restoration parts available.

Walt worked as an ASE certified mechanic in the family owned automotive repair business before beginning a 31 year career in the Fire Service. He continued to work at the family business on his days off. Walt has always been involved in the performance side of the automotive world. In 2002 he started Classic Nova and Performance LLC so he could focus on performance and restoration work. The shop began building cars for customers and doing all types of performance upgrades, then branched into aftermarket parts sales. The fact that we own, build and drive multiple muscle cars/trucks gives us valuable insight into what works, and what doesn’t. This knowledge makes it possible for us to guide you on your build and help you avoid spending money on your project and not getting the desired results. Get that personalized service you just can’t find at the big box retail stores. We’re here to help you achieve your goal with your car or truck build.

E. Kent: “Walt and his family are always great, honest, happy, and show great integrity in all they do and say. I appreciate someone who treats me with respect. They are happy to have you as a CUSTOMER. You always get what you pay for. If you want quality see Walt and his family!”

T. Moore: “Walt is an outstanding person to work with. This company has provided many great products and great advice. Very experienced Nova experts!! Thanks for providing such a great company to the Nova community!”

J. Searcy: “It’s hard to find honest people who care more about their service to you then making the extra few dollars. I’ve dealt with Walt and Christy thru my whole build of my 66 nova and they have always given me the best prices and the best service hands down!”

J. Young: “Always honest and forthcoming with not only prices and availability, but with technical support and customer service follow up. Nobody comes close to the service you get from Classic Nova!”

My dad was a mechanic and I’ve been a car enthusiast for as long as I can remember. I built the motor for my first car a 1962 Nova that I bought from my grandmother at age 15. In 2002 I decided to open my own automotive business and Classic Nova & Performance was born. Our focus would be performance and restoration work to allow me to follow my passion for working on specialty cars & trucks. The early Chevy II’s & Novas are our specialty, they are what we drive, and we sponsored a Nova only car show for almost two decades. If you don’t own a Nova, don’t worry, we work on and sell parts for all types of muscle cars, trucks, classics and performance vehicles. Since 2002 we’ve made our way into various areas of the aftermarket automotive industry, partnering with a “who’s who” of the performance & restoration world. I’ve also developed a love for autocross, and road racing, so it’s not unusual to see us at various events across the country.

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