How to Measure Pinion Angle

Engine angles, and pinion angles are a critical component when upgrading your suspension/drivetrain. Classic Nova & Performance receives calls regarding either engine angle, or pinion angle on a regular basis. If you don’t set up your drivetrain up with the correct angles the chances of having some type of harmonic aka: vibration at speed is […]

How to Center a Rack & Pinion

Centering your rack & pinion is a critical step when installing rack & pinion steering in any vehicle. Failing to center the rack & pinion can cause a difference in turn angles from side to side, and issues with your turn signals cancelling properly. Here is a quick and easy way to determine “center” on any rack and pinion assy.

Classic Nova & Performance’s Crossroads 1965 Nova

We will be starting a series of pictures as we begin work on the Classic Nova & Performance 1965 Chevy II/Nova that we have dubbed the Crossroads 65 Nova

How to Measure Wheel Backspacing

Wheel fitment i.e.: Wheel diameter, wheel width, and wheel backspacing are very important on every build. You need to be able to measure accurately to insure that you don’t end up with wheel clearance issues.

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